FAQ For Clients

1. Why use locum tenens?

The use of locum tenens physicians offers quick and flexible  solutions to a variety of common staffing challenges that healthcare facilities of all types face:

• Coverage due to unexpected illness or family emergencies
• Leave of absence
• Vacation coverage
• Sudden increase in business activity and patient volume.
• Commencement of a new office or new services.

2. Is there a minimum or maximum length of coverage I can request?

Locum tenens physicians can cover for any length of need … one day., a week., a month.. or even years.

3. How are we billed?

Simple billing.  You are billed only based on the number of hours or days the physician provides service.

4. Is malpractice insurance provided for the physician?

“A” rated malpractice coverage for the physician is provided by The Locums Company at no cost to the facility. 

5. How quickly can I expect to have a physician available to cover?

TLC continuously maintains a large pool of available physicians that can quickly provide service to your facility. 

6. What about credentialing?

TLC prescreens all our physician candidates and can provide assistance with credentialing requirements at no extra charge.

7.  What types of healthcare  facilities does TLC cover?

TLC works with any type of facility that uses physicians.  Government and private hospitals, urgent care centers, ERs, and primary care centers as well as clinics devoted to any and all medical specialties.

8. Does TLC provide permanent placement services?

Yes and on a nonexclusive basis. You only pay for the service if you hire the physician we present to you. 

TLC also offers locum to permanent, as a "trial run" for your physician candidate.  Locum tenens can offer an excellent way for an employer to contract a physician on a temporary basis, and then, later on, bring on as full time employee.  Also, our permanent fees are the most competitive in the industry. 

9. What about cost savings with using a locum physician?

No expensive personnel benefits are incurred by the facility since a locum works as a contractor.  Also, the facility is only billed for time on duty.  No vacation or sick time is billed and no other benefit expenses are incurred as with a full time employee.

10.  Am I obligated to accept the assignment I am presented?

No, because you work as an independent contractor, you are free to choose or decline any assignment that is offered.

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